Love is Light

“Love is not blind; Loves sees all that is and embraces with Goodness.  It is evil that is blind and blinding.  Evil tells only half-truths.  Evil has only enough for a few, evil understands only this vs. that.  But…  Love reveals all, shares all, includes all, embraces all, harmonizes all.” ~ Merry Lark


When you are weary or discover your own limits in loving, embracing, understanding others, keep faith, faith in God, faith in Life, faith in yourself.  Yes, you are in a temporal body that can fatigue, but that doesn’t mean Love is finite or that Hope is finite or that anything that is Truly Good is finite.  Your fatigue simply tells you to delve deeper into God, the Source of all that is Good and True.  God’s Love will revive you.  Rest in God, revive in God, love again by God’s Grace.



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