Savor Verity

Savor all verity over riches.

All that is good and beautiful and true,

Verity, is better than wishes.

Over time, you will find, while

Riches grow old and moldy, verity remains ever new.


This is an exercise for the Daily Prompt: Savor.



“Go Long” but “Keep It Short”


Go long.  Go all the way.  I.e. live deeply and take in the full experience whenever possible.  If it’s worth doing at all, it’s usually worth doing fully.  However, after the doing, take time to reflect.  Digest all you can, and synthesize it for yourself.  Internalize the best of all you’ve gleaned.

Then when you’re ready to share with others your marvelous experiences, keep it short!  People who have had similar experiences and know what you’re talking about will usually understand your briefest descriptions, and if they want to hear more, they will ask.  People who haven’t had experiences similar to yours NEED to hear only the briefest and best of what you want to share.  You can’t give anyone your experience; you can only spark their interest.  If you ignite their imagination, they can ask for more.

Over-sharing is like casting your “pearls before swine.”  It’s a waste of your heart.  This goes for casual sharing and great works of art.  My view of even the longest novels or symphonies is that not one word or note is extra.  It’s great art because it’s all essential. 

More conversation should aim to be “great art”!

Take time to travel

Travel.  It almost doesn’t matter where you go.  Just go someplace new to you.  If you’re like me and one of your favorite things is to snuggle up with a good book and a great cup of coffee in your own sweet bed, and the thought of having to navigate through a bustling world seems not altogether appealing, then choose places where you can stay awhile, do a little nesting in a new place.  You don’t have to be gregarious to travel well.  The main requisite is simply to be open to something new once in a while.  Travel.  Go places.  See new sights, meet new people, taste new treats, hear new languages (or at least accents), smell new aromas, find new feelings within yourself.

Why?  Because traveling helps us grow in ways staying at home can’t.  Even if you have a “bad” time on your trip, you’re likely to appreciate home better.  If you have a “great” time on your trip, you’ll be hooked, and better ready to adventure further.  Every time you travel, you’ll make more of Earth your home, and (hopefully) yourself a better citizen of it.


Practice Gratitude

Always look for the good, in every person, and every situation.  And be grateful.

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