Seek Truth, Find Grace

“Worries are lies because they preclude hope.  Truth is always rooted in and oriented toward goodness.” ~ Merry Lark


So when the truth of your current circumstances tempts you to worry or be filled with despair, look for the underlying goodness, look for the good in your life, look for the Grace waiting to blossom.

Someone once said “Evil has no real estate of its own; it is only a perversion of the Good.”  I believe this.  God created all that is, and He found it Good.  Evil is real but it is temporal, it cannot endure because it is only a shadow, a lie, a perverted interpretation, a non-sustainable choice; however you want to characterize it, it has no foundational existence of its own.  True-goodness-Good-truth endures.  Ultimately because all that Is is rooted in Love, God’s Love.


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